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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Beat and Bit

You know ... today almost everyone can play music, even if he doesn't know to play any instrument or is unable to sing.
Technology in music creation and production grew so much during last years. Some of you could say that's not a good thing. I disagree.
Like many other situations technology can be helpful. I play music and I use technology for producing, composing and recording it.
That's the most important thing to me. It can be so helpful during the creation process and if I think to 10 years ago, I can say that to write music and record it I had to go to a bank before and ask for a lot of money to get a good result.
That's the most important think about technology and music.
Music won't change for that. Creativity is still a job of the musician. Technology can only help to find the right way and makes things possible almost to everyone (and to get some new ideas too).
So even with an iPad you can create good music. You need to be a good musician. That's all.

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